blog age

Result silhouetteThe AgeAnalyzer thinks is written by someone 26-35 years old.

I think they mean emotionally….

How about your blog???  Age Analyzer



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10 responses to “blog age

  1. says mine was written by someone between 36-50, which is technically correct but a pretty damned broad range if you ask me.

  2. Mine is the same as Limes. That sucks since I am 35. lol…

  3. Mine says 26-35, too. I think that’s bullshite. Obviously I’m physically older but have the maturity of a 12 year old. Or maybe I’m a little more mature than I thought…

  4. Mine came out 26-35 range, but I’m almost 46…. so does that mean I write like a child or I am young at heart?
    Don’t know if I am flattered or insulted….. Hhmmmm!

  5. Rip Ragged

    Huh. They got mine at 36-50. Not terribly flattering, but low. I’ll take that.

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