i’m a bully

yes.  it’s true.  i’m an ugly beast…or at least that’s one opinion of a princeton native….

It is tradition that downtown Princeton light their town xmas tree the friday after t-day (big tree…more lights that Rockefeller center.  woo.  hoo.) Several thousand people jam themselves and just as many strollers into Palmer Square for some brass xmas carols, the first appearance of a (far too jolly) Santa and lighting the tree.  Once the tree is lit, everyone leaves simultaneously.  It’s a madhouse but the kids seem to like it.

Anyway, the Mrs. and I threaded our way through the crowd to find ourselves at the entrance to the Nassau Inn, the official Princeton hotel and restaurant if you like spending way too much for mediocre food in a pretentious ivy league atmosphere complete with hanging portraits of celeb alum like jimmy stewart and many politicos.  I have yet to see brooke shields mug up on the wall.  The front doors to the hotel are three-inch thick solid oak with automatic closers and can whack the heartiest off their feet once they get going.  At this point the Mrs. needs to use the facilities as we’ve been standing agawk at the tree for almost two hours.  There are several folks ahead of us with the same idea and, as most human beings do, each person enters the Inn while holding the door for the person directly behind them.  Just courtesy, ya know?  Well, the dude in front of the Mrs. decided holding the door was not on his agenda so I had to reach quickly across to grab the door that is just about to knock the Mrs. on her ass.  Pushing open the door, and not one to miss conversing with my fellow-man I said. “Thanx.  Asshole.”

Well, the dude stops in his tracks and waits for me to catch up to him and starts in.  “You didn’t have to call my a disgusting name.” “And you could have held the door open for the person behind you.”  “Yes, but you don’t have to call me a disgusting name.  You’re a bully.”

At that point I just told him to go away.  Ahh, nothing like the arrogant, pompous, self-centered Princeton affectations.  Asshole.



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6 responses to “i’m a bully

  1. Well, you may be a bully, but that guy was definitely an asshole. I say things like that all the time, too, I have either my cane or am in my wheelchair so it really pisses me off when people are assholes like that, so I am happy to let them know I’ve noticed. =)

  2. ah tis the season…and the assholes are in full bloom. pity the door didn’t take care of him.

  3. If you were really a bully you would have torn him a new one on the spot then tossed him in the nearest waste recepticle. but you didn’t – you just simply pointed out the truth. Many people who don’t like the truth think people are bullies or picking on them when the simple thing is – they are cowards and assholes.

  4. Yeah gotta love the pushy guy who does wrong, gets called on it, and suddenly somehow you’re the bad guy.

    ‘Tis the season is correct!

  5. The number of people who don’t hold doors amazes me. I feel like that’s just common courtesy.

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    You like spending way too much for mediocre food in a pretentious Ivy atmosphere? !! Naaaasty!!!
    It’s rotten, actually, when an establishment has an image of itself, which is simply not sustained by its service or its quality of food.

    Loved reading this of you and your Mrs. I could picture it. You had me intrigued. Couldn’t wait to see your “bully” action. And then, what, that’s it, you’re telling someone what you think of their actions?

    ! Glad you at least got to vent.

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