Today, I have a lot to be thankful for. (courtesy of DeathByPolitics)

I give thanks to the corporations that control my government so I don’t have to expend energy to do so.

I give thanks to big oil for telling me that there’s plenty of gas left and that attempting to find sustainable solutions is not worth the heavy lifting.

I give thanks to the big bonuses that allow executives to control the police shut down those protesters trying to pierce through my veil of apathy.

I give thanks to the news media for blowing up non-problems and making my life interesting.

I give thanks to organizations like the KKK, National Organization for Marriage, and Westboro Baptist Church for letting me know that “equality” will destroy my privilege, which I deny having anyways.

I give thanks to the money funding those sparkly parades and football games that couldn’t have possibly been used to feed the starving or save the environment.

I give thanks to the textbook companies that constantly tell me that America was perfect from the beginning, and to the news outlets that promote that image.

I give thanks to Rupert Murdoch for commanding what I can see so I never have to step outside my bubble of preconceived notions.

I give thanks for the songs and slogans that make me think nothing could ever be wrong with America, and even if there was something wrong it would immediately be fixed simply by public opinion.

I give thanks to large corporations for laying off my friends and family without any benefits. They probably deserved it.

I give thanks to apathy for letting me live my life and never care about the truth.



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  1. now if only i could cultivate more gratitude and less rage for the same list, then my BP might lower a bit, me and my damned idealism.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Sarcasm, defined, indeed.

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