the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 1

some of you may remember (and if you do you really need to find a hobby) my twelve posts of christmas shopping tips from last holiday season.  I believe i’ve come up with a new round of great ideas and will once again present you with heart-felt personalized holiday gifts.  although in going through the remaining offerings there are some that are just…well…you’ll see. and one or two somebody needs to explain to me…

First up, something for that guy of yours.  This year, give him a woodie.

(and isn’t that tree the most pathetic looking specimen???)


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10 responses to “the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 1

  1. smoke if ya got ’em!

  2. Papa smoked a pipe sometimes when I was a kid. I thought they were magical. My godfather smoked one til I was in my mid-20s. I used to buy him tobacco (from Tinderbox) for Xmas. I love the smell of a pipe (not weed, that’s stinky).

  3. OH… that’s what he meant. I’ll have to return what I got….

  4. I LOVE the smell of a pipe…especially while I’m drinking nog!

  5. Woodie vs. Pipe? yes please!

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