the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 2

Just remember, the family that dresses in the same PJs probably belongs to a coven of Pagan fashion designers…or worse.  Notice the bowl of egg nog…nothing like getting the kids plastered first thing christmas morning.  Dad looks half-gassed as it is…



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11 responses to “the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 2

  1. Nog is gross. Save the nog, hand me the bourbon straight up! (isn’t that what’s in it? I dunno).

    You’re missing the fact somebody airbrushed the ciggie out of Ma’s hand.

    • either the ciggie was airbrushed or she had the last two fingers lopped off in a cult ceremony. i thought it was rum in the nog…but what do I know…i’m with you, don’t need no stinkin’ nog….

      • What!?! You guys are crazy…I love the nog! Sometimes I drink it all day long and then pass out at dinner while Grandpa says Grace. 😉

        Cooper: now THERE’s a norman rockwell moment if ever there was one…

  2. Love nog! And yarr- there be rum.
    I’ll have you know Pagan fashionista’s wouldn’t rock this look. maybe a family adorned in snuggies… but not this.

  3. ok, i dunno why but the comment about dad being half-gassed cracked me up. i ‘m laughing so hard it hurts. ouch!

  4. You know that coven has to get those kids to sleep after they open their gifts so they can perform the animal sacrifices.
    I swear if my parents ever bought me matching jammies for my sisters and them, I would have run away! They belonged to a cult anyway that took me 29 years to finally get away from…. {{{SHUDDER}}}

  5. Hate nog.
    Hate matchin’ pjs.

    And is that a dog or a weird throw pillow??

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