the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 3

And while we’re on the subject of gifts for the whole family, what better way to
celebrate the birth of the babe in swaddling clothes, the symbol of peace,
love, brotherhood and virtue, than by arming everyone with shotguns…



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8 responses to “the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 3

  1. “Daisy will make it a Christmas to remember.”

    Truer words were never spoken!!

  2. A Daisy is either a pellet of BB–can you call that a shotgun? If it doesn’t knock me on my arse when I fire it, I call it a rifle (and a Daisy is hardly a rifle, more of a “pea-shooter”).

    I was 3 when they first started propping up a .22 on the lowest rung of the deck for me to target practice (give me a break, my arms weren’t long enough to lever the weight).

  3. I like how they all look content – but hte mom. The mom looks like she is baring her teeth at her eldest son there like “gunna get yours mo-fo”.

    yes, white subburgatory people mind-speak in ghetto. what’s your point?

  4. mom and dad aren’t actually holding weapons are they? dad looks like he’d put the barrel in his mouth anyway.

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