the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 6

something about dad and son hanging out in their underwear playing with trains is deeply disturbing to me…and the kid with the t-shirt tucked in makes me want to take a fire hose to him… Not going to even mention Dad having his own trains in a different room of the house…
nice ad copy too: “His briefs have a hygienic double panel seat.”  What the hell does that mean????



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12 responses to “the 12 days of xmas shopping – Day 6

  1. I could just picture the conversation – “Dad, are you gonna take my caboose again? You betcha, son. Why don’t you just come over here and give it to me.
    Gee, I don’t know Dad. What’s wrong son, it’s hygenic, so it’s alright.”

  2. Just wrong .. on so many levels!

  3. When you don’t quite drip-dry enough or wipe well, it’s not as easily seen through your pants. Lovely. Just clean up and wash up and wear clean pants, already!

  4. Have a whiter-than-white Christmas!

  5. B

    Who the hell tucks their shirt into their underwear?!

  6. lime

    i’m just…..speechless…..what has been seen cannot be unseen.

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