12 days of xmas shopping – Day 9

if you aren’t the nog type, start xmas morning off with an ice cold brew,
and make sure to carry a full glass and a full bottle with you at all times.  I mean you’ve already pissed away
the house as it appears you are exchanging gifts outside in the snow on the neighbor’s sofa they left out by the trash…



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11 responses to “12 days of xmas shopping – Day 9

  1. “Move up to quality…move up to Schlitz.” Only if you’ve been sucking on an RWB.*

    * “The brand experienced a popular resurgence in the early 1980s, during the country’s economic recession.” ~wikip

    I think it was like $5 / case in the early 80s. The boys sucked down a LOT of RWB. I preferred other means of intoxication.

  2. Do you think she minds his breath?

  3. B

    If you can’t double fist your booze during the Holidays, when can you? lol

  4. i dunno, looks like she sucked quite a few down before he ever cracked open the first one, that or he spiked hers.

  5. A glass and a full bottle might be what’s needed to get to through the day with certain relatives. She’s already drained the punch bowl, methinks!

  6. indeed a strong possibility….

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