the not-so-great news quiz

Think you know your “news’ sources?  Why not take this little unscientific semi-random quiz to check your fair and balanced facts against the originating source…(unlike most of the junk here, these are actual headlines I culled from the internet)

1) “Thousands of children abused in Dutch churches over 65 years, inquiry says”
Is this:

 a) The National Enquirer
 b) CNN 
 c) Fox News
 d) US Magazine

2) “Jane Fonda plays Ex-Hubby Ted Turner?!”

 a) TV Guide
 b) Cosmopolitan
 c) The National Enquirer 
 d) Inside Edition

3) “Viola Davis Wants Her Daughter to Date Sandra Bullock’s Son”

 a) NBC Evening News
 b) The Weather Channel
 c)  People Magazine
 d) The View

4) “NJ Nets owner serious about Russian presidency”

 a) CBS Evening News
 b) Maxim
 c) Weekly World News
 d) Sports Illustrated

5) “How Mark Messier Helped My Son Learn to Love Hockey Again”

 a) PBS News Hour
 b) ESPN Sports Center
 c) Cosmopolitan
 d) Fox News



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4 responses to “the not-so-great news quiz

  1. because this is your site and i know you and i know how crappy the media is i’m going to go for opposite of what one would logically expect so….

    2. uh….d?

  2. Hmm…as there is only one player I will provide the answer key….


  3. wow, do i get some sort of booby prize for such spectacular failure?

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