signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

my browser needs therapy…

Meanwhile, I found these to be helpful in approaching 2012 with a somewhat less cynical view.  That’s not a resolution.  Well maybe it is.  I give it until January 7th until it comes craching to a halt.  These were liberally stolen from Truth About Mornings.



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8 responses to “signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

  1. Love the first one!
    Happy new year to you and your family!
    HUGGLES… =)

  2. i just don’t have the energy to stroke the ego of an insecure browser. i’m not its therapist.

    love the einstein quote and smiling while i have teeth left,,ok ya got me, that one made me laugh. thanks 🙂

  3. Kill it with fire!

    Perhaps the worst part of stepping back into PC land: IE.

  4. I found IE was just too high maintenance for me. I ditched and got involved with Google Chrome. I am quite happy now.

    I remember when I discovered I was a fish and found the joy of swimming instead of trying to climb trees. It makes so much difference.

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