the sentinel

we have this dog.  his name is slater. he has issues. he was abused before we got him at 2 years of age so he doesn’t do well with people.  or other dogs.  or the watering can behind the bathroom door that he spent ten minutes barking at the other day.  he’s scared of everything.


he is also the self-appointed guardian of the grand-daughters.  like the monolith watching over the apes in 2001: a space odyssey, he calmly sits by to make sure no evil befalls the munchkins.

For example, here we have the girls making a fort out of empty boxes.  No, you can’t see the girls because they are inside but notice who sits by like a neurotic lifeguard…

Slater of The Yukon

i know they're in there

 then of course when playtime is over, it’s time for a spot of tea.  these are not posed, by the way. the goofball’s actions are 100% volunteer.

one lump or two



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8 responses to “the sentinel

  1. This is SO sweet. Bobby–is also a rescue and yes, himses has issues.

  2. very sweet. proves even the most neurotic and annoying creature can have a wonderful side. and i pity da fool who messes with the grandgirls.

  3. He’s so beautiful and he takes his job very seriously.


  4. I have one of those, too.
    We rescued Mandie just over a year ago when she was a year old. She is a Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix and is scared of everything also, except me. She sits with me and cuddles with me and has to be near me all the time. When we go for a walk – with our 5 other dogs, who she finally has gotten friendly with – if anyone comes near me, she starts barking, growling, her hair on her neck sticks up… nobody is getting near me, and she is only 8 pounds. =)
    She has finally started letting my hubby get near me, thankfully!
    Thank you for rescuing Slater, he knows you took him out of a horrible situation, so he is paying you back by caring for those you love most.
    You are an angel! =)

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