novel writing, today from the west country in dorset

As I wrote six months ago, I had finally finished the book. Or thought I had.  Some additional changes were suggested that have resulted in vast improvements.  So now I’m shopping it around.  The rejection emails are starting to mount up, which I am thankful for.  At least the agent community has the common decency to respond (well, most of them do).  the everyday business community sucks a dead moose when it comes to common courtesy – all you corporate HR creeps take note, we’d rather hear “you suck’ or “are you kidding me?” rather than nothing al all, which is just egotistically rude.

So anyway, while i’m shopping this i’m starting to write some short stories, a format with which i’ve had the least comfort, but i have a couple ideas…now it’s just getting the best characters.  my immediate reaction is to drag some secondary characters out of the novel and throw them into odd situations.  we’ll see how that pans out.  most writing teachers will tell you to write short stories first then tackle the complexities of a novel.  Right.  Like it’s a surprise I went straight to the novel, bypassing the shorter form.



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4 responses to “novel writing, today from the west country in dorset

  1. glad you have a good attitude about rejection letters. it is better to knwo where you stand than to know nothing. and since when do we have to follow the rules???

  2. i’m just a rebel without a clue…

  3. Hey at least you wrote a novel!! 🙂 MJ

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