qm – raucous caucus

Welcome To The Queen’s Meme #106
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
So sez Mimi – It’s caucus time in the good ole’ USA. We’re trying to elect a Commander in Chief this year. Whenever I hear the rhetoric known as American politics, or business-as-usual, I try to remember that I’m really after someone of leadership and honesty. Hard to tell these days. Hard to tell. 
What is the meaning of a caucus? By definition in U.S. Politics it is “a meeting of party leaders to select candidates, elect convention delegates, etc.”
 It’s the “etc” I’m worried about. We seem to be talking about a lot of etcs these days. Can’t anyone say what they mean and mean what they say? Bonnie Raitt said it best. They should listen to her.
For purposes of this meme, let’s focus on these political forces: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman.  I submit these questions to be of vital interest and importance to the welfare of our country. And let’s hurry.
By the time we all finish this meme, someone else could drop out. 
Or move to China.
The first United Farmers of Alberta legislative caucus in 1921.
1. What topic would you like to see the candidates discuss that they haven’t already discussed?
The nature of morality and loss of ego in helping your fellow humans.  I can hear the dumbfounded silence already.
2. Which one of these men would run in and save you and your family from a burning building if he knew it would cost him the election?
Ron Paul might.  The others would not cast a second glance unless the family being saved was wealthy.
3. Who is the best dressed candidate?
Liza Minnelli
4. Who would be the best hostage negotiator?
Hostage negotiation takes reason, intelligence and compassion.  So that leaves out just about every one of them.
5. Who has the prettiest and most First-Ladyish wife?  (look for the nails..)
I saw Huntsman’s wife with a box of 10p nails… 
6.  Which one of these men would you trust with the nuclear code?
What are you smoking???
7.  If I, Queen Mimi, invited one of them to Bloggingham for dinner, what should I cook and what question would you like me to ask him?
Rick Santorum.  Were you born a racist homophobic power-hungry two-faced hypocrite?  Fix a hemlock cocktail.


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4 responses to “qm – raucous caucus

  1. #1. i stand and applaud the questioner. bravo.
    #5 glad i went in a different direction, i was >-<that close
    #7 my compliments to the chef

  2. Impressive responses, all.

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