i don’t know what day it is

really.  i had to think about it.  it’s been that kind of week, between dog surgery and a funeral (two different events) and god knows what else, i’m a little muddled.  I’m also tired.  I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week – been sleeping on the couch as the mrs. has had a nasty cold and i didn’t want to disturb her sleep as i knew i would be up and down with RLS at least twice a night. (oh i’m starting to whine…and i hate whining).  But i don’t seem to be enjoying much these days.

I’m really struggling with getting old.  it really sucks, especially when i’m emotionally retarded to the point where i’m about 24 years old, trapped in a more than double the age body which is starting to resemble Jabba the Hut.  That’s another reason getting old blows.  i can’t (or am not supposed to) eat all the junk I like.  I gave up ice cream a while ago, along with chocolate and all other forms of candy.  My Doctor who wants me to live forever wants me to give up salt as well. Good luck there.  No Kettle chips?  No mac and cheese?  oh, that’s another thing.  he doesn’t want me eating dairy…especially cheese.  no cheese?  no pizza?  no grilled cheese?  what the fuck. He doesn’t understand I was born with a sweet tooth the size of Wisconsin.  And give up cake?  and cookies? Well, the cookies I can live without but not cake. And I’ve always been a soda freak and i’m not supposed to drink that anymore either – don’t even mention diet soda or any ZERO products.  they all leave an aftertaste as if i dipped my tongue in a can of Quaker State 10W-40.

I know, I know.  Exercise.  Didn’t i exercise enough as a kid that i should be retroactively fit until i’m dead?

I know.  Shut up.



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17 responses to “i don’t know what day it is

  1. I feel ya. I’m hitting 50 i two months. I don’t feel old, except when my knees hurt or when I work too much and my whole body gets a we bit stiff. Getting old reeks of suckage I’m afraid. We’re not old, someone just forgot to tell our bodies that.

  2. No sugar, no salt, and no dairy? Seems impossible. What are you allowed to eat?

  3. Everyone has those days. I’ve learned to take what the Doc says and make small, sustainable changes. I know I won’t exercise every day but I will 3 x a week. I know I won’t eat perfectly all the time but I will pack a healthy lunch – and eat it – most of the work week. It doesn’t seem like much and it takes time but I’ve slowly seen some extra pudge come off.

    Getting older sucks but, as my 81 year old Mom says, “beats the alternative, kid!”

    hang in there

    • thanx. i did manage to shed 15 pounds this past summer but have put most of it back on. it’s easy when there is an abundance of organic fruit around and it’s warm (cold weather makes me VERY cranky…which makes me reach for the Fritos).

  4. Have you tried “clean eating?” It’s basically “whole foods” (not the chain but literally, you’re eating non-processed rather than processed). There’s a lot of stuff out there about it (even a magazine–pick one up next time you’re in a bookshop and look at all the sweets). Granted, you’ll have to switch to non-dairy (I’m lactose sensitive, so I *mostly* skip dairy-except for very little cheese and very little ice cream; you can still eat a bit but not daily/ weekly).

    It’s worth looking into clean-eating because it’s just real food-cooking. You may find after no PROCESSED foods (don’t look at me, I still eat the bastards but I try to limit that, too), everything starts getting better without draconian measures. It requires COOKING, is all.

    • i love to cook and i try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. it’s all the junk food that gets to me. i will look into the clean-eating stiff out there. thanx.

  5. i echo what madtante said. we did a dietary overhaul in this house due to my daughter’s issues. though we don’t cut out everything all the time but the processed stuff is almost nil around here. as for salt here;s the real deal…

    don’t use table salt but use sea salt. you actually need a certain amount in your system to function well. i am borderline high blood pressure and was told by the MD to ditch the salt. i already had been doing very low sodum for years. then i was having certain issues and was told by my chiropractor, (yeah, i know, just shut up and listen) about the need for appropriate salt in the diet. i started using sea salt and it did make a positive difference my BP has not been negatively affected. i;m told it should actually help with that. so yeah, ditch refined salts. use a good quality sea salt.

    • i’m with you on the salt. i only use salt if i’m cooking and never as ad additive at the table or even post-cooking. I know that exercise is the key…even if it is just walking every day.

  6. and forgive me for not saying so in the first comment but i am sorry about the dog (hope he’s ok) and the loss requiring a funeral. ((hugs)))

  7. If you lived here in the NW we could walk together. I could use a walking buddy. BTW we’re almost warm here, in the 40’s.

  8. This may seem trivial, but what has been bugging me is hair on my soap. I have always hated that. Luckily I have not been plagued by hair in my soup as I hate that even more. But as the hair now contains less pigmentation, it is increasingly difficult to acquire it visually and pick it off. Sometimes I am forced to desperately scrape at it with a fingernail, wasting massive quantities as well as time in the process. Maybe the time has come to switch to that liquid stuff in a bottle…


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