Today is the blackout.  As I didn’t see a way to blackout my wordpress site (i don’t have access to the HTML theme and doesn’t accept JS), I took a different route.  I actually read the SOPA bill , HR 3261.  Well, read as much as anyone can read of these pieces of legislation without wanting to jab hot skewers into one’s eyes.  This little gem has so many cross references to existing pieces of legislation that it is virtually impossible for any one normal person to decipher all the legal possibilities being put forth.  In fact this appears to be the problem with the entire bill, its vagueness.  Left open to millions of interpretations, you better make sure all your Facebook posts are cleared through your legal staff before publication.  Isn’t that a surprise?  Vague legislation from our elected “leaders”.  And here is another piece of information I know will be a total surprise, the bill’s sponsor is our buddy Lamar Smith. Of Texas.  A Republican who loves big government and lots and lots of legislation.  Go figure.

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9 responses to “SOPA

  1. i’m not in the least bit shocked by any of this. and maybe ever so slightly off topic but….republicans in love with big government, yes they are and that goes to show they have no effing idea what conservatism even means. it means they theoretically should be favoring less government.

    dump this hideous piece of legislation for any number of reasons but you point out yet another…it’s inscrutability.

  2. I “tried” to read it, too. I skimmed it.

    I chose to not black out my blog but I adopted a STOP SOPA banner on my Twitter, I posted about SOPA on [myrealname] blog and signed petitions and emailed. Figured that’s about as much LAZY stuff I can do.

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