it was a pie day

a good friend of mine is leaving the group at work, moving on to better pastures.  she will be missed. she’s a pie person so i made an apple pie with caramel sauce to take into work tomorrow.  it’s the first one of these i’ve made in a while and it looks pretty decent…we’ll see once it is dissected tomorrow…six granny smiths and four breaburns.  i could have used one or two more of each but this will fill the bill.



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14 responses to “it was a pie day

  1. oh…

    please, sir…

    excuse me, i need a napkin.

  2. MMMMMM if I come work at your place and leave may I also have a pie? Yummy!

  3. Pie day? You have Pie days?

    Can I come work at your office, pretty please?

  4. I’ll leave my job if you bring me a pie like that. I’m more of a non-cake person, meself!

  5. Dude… if i leave your blogroll will you mail me one? lol…

  6. Jim

    That looks great – now I’m hungry….

  7. Today, January 23, is National Pie Day!

    Though if they made me king, National Pi Day would be March 14…


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