Dear Mr. Obama

I received a letter from my precocious twenty year old attending a mid-western liberal arts institution of higher learning stating that after buying the usual mass of text books and other necessities that go hand in hand with a college life, that he had maxed out his Visa card.  Calling it “his” Visa card is a bit of a misnomer as the bills come directly to my mailbox and the satisfaction of those bills emanate from my cheque book.

I called the young scion to inquire how a credit card with a $3,000 limit could be exhausted by the required textbooks of a communications major.  He mentioned how unfair it was that he should be expected to live bound by the paltry sum given to him; that it was impossible to balance the expense of his commitments with his meager allowance when the source of his stipend was so obviously awash in wealth.  His suggestion was the issuance of another credit card, with an expanded limit, in order to make good the balance of funds between us.  I suggested that he take a hard look at his expenses and decide where is cash outlay was superfluous, or at the least could be scaled back.  His retort was bristly to say the least and held firm to his new-card agenda.

I suppose he’s just acting in accordance with the world around him.

Thanx for your understanding.

Love and Kisses,




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6 responses to “Dear Mr. Obama

  1. my favorite part here…that you signed off with hugs and kisses. forget the picture of obama hugging gabby giffords i wanna see the two of yo in action. bwahahaha!

  2. I’d lol… but our country is about as influenced and the children already have deemed their allowances paltry.

  3. “What’s in your wallet?”

  4. Oh man, I am really hoping my kid gets into the Naval Academy. That is what he is talking about now and boy, it would be nice price-wise.

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