thank you…could not have lived without this knowledge



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8 responses to “thank you…could not have lived without this knowledge

  1. Around Moberly, Missouri (at least in the 50s-60s) everybody’d say, “Let’s get us an RC-Co-Cola.”

    My belief on this (as I was born some time later but influenced by those who grew up there during that time) was that RC cola must’ve held prominence in the area and for some reason, people bastardised it to encompass the other major brand name since their usage area was so small (and often found themselves OUTSIDE of Moberly.

    Otherwise, got no clue. I was raised saying “Soda Pop” but changed to soda as an adult. A LOT of outstate Missourians say, “sodie-pop” or “let’s go get a sodie.”

    • RC was big in the 60’s. If you ever watch the original Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis, there are about a dozen product placements of RC Cola (bottles, machines) throughout the film.

  2. If you want to get more hits from the Northeast, you’d better tag this under “tonic”, too.

    Just sayin’ 🙂

  3. in trinidad it’s called sweet drink

  4. Lime was giving me a hard time about calling it pop when she was out here in Sept. She and Susie (Cali gal) are evidently soda drinkers.

    This is clearly critically important info as it has been posted on my blog and yours.

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