triple d time

I admit it. i am a triple d addict.  for those who don’t know the show, go here.

oh, man...i have this shirt...i don't look near as kewl tho

We’ve been to four triple d locations thus far.  the first was the Pineville Tavern in pennsylvania, which scored high on the dish featured in the show (turtle soup) but fell down with our entrees.  We also hit two of the Diners on the New Jersey Diner Tour the Hightstown Diner and the Skylark Diner.  The Skylark was the better of the two as a kind of a neo-retro funky joint with a great beer list and an extensive menu.  The Hightstown Diner is a small, old chrome palace straight out of he 1950’s.  We found the food at the Hightstown diner lacking in seasoning and flavor.

Lats night we hit the Good Dog Bar in Philadelphia.  Noisy as hell, as one should expect from any worthwhile Philly bar on a saturday night.  Food was well above standard bar fare.  Truffle cheese steak empanadas were excellent…could have eaten 15 of those alone.  I had the duck pot pie which was rich and flavorful.  I would order it again in a heartbeat.  Our troupe also had a shrimp po’ boy which was mediocre, a salmon burger which was excellent and a Good Dog burger which was massive.  With one round of drinks the bill came to about $25 a head…which isn’t bad at all.  Would have been better in the warmer weather, tho as blasts of cold air reach the second floor when the front door opens.  I asked the hostess what impact triple D had.  She said it gave her a job – apparently she was hired just to direct the influx of traffic the place has experienced.



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8 responses to “triple d time

  1. I really like watching Guy, too.
    Some of the foods he showcases really scare me, though.
    I love watching him eat, however, he really seems to enjoy his food! =)
    Sorry you had a couple of bad experiences. Sounds like the last one was really delicious. I’d like to try that, too. YUMMY!

  2. sounds like it was a fun trip.i don’t watch guy often but i definitely enjoy trying local places over chain places. did see one 3d episode though that featured a trini restaurant in what seemed an unlikely place. what i liked best was they highlighted some of the techniques that are kind of unique. glad you had a good experience om your night out.

  3. p.s. when do we get to see you model your version of his shirt?

  4. I haven’t seen that show before, but I would think the lack of relevance to my geography might have something to do with that.

    Still, sounds like the show is doing well for the businesses that it has on location – bet the owners are happy.

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