today’s history lesson

The Old French Opera House (hang in there I’m not going to go all boring culture on you) in New Orleans, LA was the first opera house in the US, built in the late 1800’s.  It is noted for some famous duel that took place there but more importantly (at least to this story) is that it burned down in 1919.

Some time in the 1950’s my grandfather traveled to New Orleans and took this photo.  Please do not confuse this edifice with the famed opera house even though the sign proclaims this to be said venue.  This is a bar on Bourbon Street.  If you click on the picture and look closely, you will notice the showcase windows on the side of the building with all the photos of…no, not opera stars…strippers.  WTG PopPop.

The building, believe it or not, is still standing, still in operation and still a bar although not of the T&A variety.  At least not blatantly.  Here is how it looks today.  Check out the roof lines, and the three dormers on the second floor of the bar.  Now it is just the Old Opera House Bar.  How time changes things….



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6 responses to “today’s history lesson

  1. I think I went passed that several times. For serious. There are still hookers and semi-nude slags (working or partying).

  2. and to think, my kids have been to bourbon st but i haven’t….lol

    i do like the updates but the name change seems superfluous.

  3. I’ve actually been there for a beer with some frieds of mine years ago – we sat outside. It was during a really long day in NOLA during a cruise that I can only remember because of the video. HaHa! I’m told I had an awesome time. =)

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