madre grass

ok so the festivities in NOLA got a bit soaked this year.  Here is something that may brighten it up…or may not depending on….well…you.

Yet another entry from the never-ending journey through my grandfather’s slide collection, comes from the NOLA section (as started in the post below), here’s a shot of the King of Mardi Gras riding his float through the throngs.  This was taken some time in the 1950’s.  Even so, the King looks suspiciously like Ron Jeremy….maybe his dad???????



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10 responses to “madre grass

  1. i was thinking he looked like the model for the new burger king mascot. either way he’s more than a wee tad creepy.

  2. Creeper alert!!

    They put him in the parade so they could keep an eye on him.

  3. I agree with Lime… he does kind-of look like the creepy Burger King guy.
    I also think he resembles Ron Jeremy.
    Either way, a dude I’m going to stay WAY FAR AWAY FROM!!!

  4. He does look like Ron Jeremy! Or maybe I shouldn’t admit that I know who Ron Jeremy is? Um…yeah….he looks like the creepy Burger king guy! Yeah, that’s it.

    Who dat?!

  5. Not a single boob in the whole crowd.

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