qm – baby baby baby

Welcome to The Queen’s Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
It’s the Oh Baby Meme!
Answer these questions about babies. Don’t whine. I’m all out of pacifiers.

1. When your kids were babies, did you ever use cloth diapers?
They certainly beat shammy’s for drying the car…

2. Are you guilty of spoiling your children or grandchildren?
I have to bow to Limey’s answer…just can’t do better…

3. If you could give one piece of advice to your own children about how to raise their children, what would you say?
Just one word.  Plastics.

4. Do you believe in spanking?
Yes.  ‘Round my place every Thursday…

5. Babies need pacifiers! They cry and carry on sometimes. Can you think of one adult person in your life who could also use a pacifier?
No, but many who need duct tape or cauterised lips…

6. Have you ever been present for the birth of a child other than your own pregnancy and delivery?
My pregnancy was more than enough.  Caused quite a stir I must say.

7. Why are boy things blue and girl things pink?
Last time I checked mine was pink.  Hey, did I get short-changed somewhere?   



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6 responses to “qm – baby baby baby

  1. i was tempted to go the same direction for #1. i humbly receive the accolades for #2. #6 and 7 you have one up on me for the comedic direction your gender permits you to take with regard to answering. well done. i bow in return.

  2. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  3. “My pregnancy was more than enough.”
    Only you.

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