business myths

In November, the Harvard Business Review published an article detailing the four destructive myths companies still live by.  Those myths are:

1. Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand
2. A little bit of anxiety helps us perform better
3. Creativity is genetically inherited and it’s impossible to teach
4. The bast way to get more work done is to work longer hours.

Myths indeed.  But I feel they but scratched the surface and I wish to contribute some additional myths of the work place culled from personal experience.  These are ideas that I would bring to my company if that were to transpire.

1. Taking all your phone calls on your speaker phone in your office makes you important.
No, it makes you annoying, obnoxious and infantile.

2. Natural physical functions are meant to be shared.
Belching, farting and scratching your ass are personal private functions.  Please keep them that way and out of ear/eye shot of the cube farm.

3. Bathing is optional.
No.  It’s not.

4. Workers are paid to work, not think.
Only in fascist dictatorships, but if that’s what you want, re-evaluate your hiring practices.

5. All women climbing the corporate ladder are castrating bitches.  All men climbing the corporate ladder are successfully ambitious.
The truth is it’s usually the other way around.

Feel free to contribute your own.



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11 responses to “business myths

  1. i don’t have anything to contribute at the moment but can #2 be extended to home? if not i fear the foundations of my house may not be able to sustain the seismic activity of some of the belches and flatulence.

  2. I’ve been called out as the stigma for #5. By women and men… so I think that perception is pretty rough and we all are wired to it. Very stupid.

  3. oh heck, i’ve been called #5 and i’m not even in the corporate world. god help me if i ever enter it.

  4. Someone needs to share your #2 with my coworker. She overshares bodily functions.

  5. I work with someone who takes every call on speaker with his office door open, leaves a trail of crumbs all over his desk and chair, clips his fingernails at his desk and throws the remnants on the floor and … takes the last cup of coffee, leaving the empty carafe on the burning hot warming plate.

    And yes, he’s my boss.

    Oh happy day! 🙂 MJ

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