a shining moment in judicial efficiency

Bristol man arrested for 80th time

Updated: Friday, 02 Mar 2012, 9:54 AM EST
Published : Friday, 02 Mar 2012, 9:49 AM EST

Wolcott, Conn. (WTNH) – Police say a Bristol man has been arrested 80 times.

52-year-old Kenneth Seyler was arrested for the 80th time following a December 20, 2011 burglary at the American Legion Hall in Wolcott. Police say Seyler was caught on camera breaking in, rummaging through an office, and taking off with a safe.

what a guy...

While Wolcott police were investigating the robbery, Seyler was arrested for the 78th and 79th times in Madison and Clinton on burglary charges. Police found evidence from these two incidents that they say matched the burglary of the American Legion Hall.

Officers also learned that Seyler had played Bingo at the American Legion Hall in November 2011.

Officers then arrested Seyler for the 80th time on Wednesday, February 29.

He was charged with third degree burglary and third degree larceny.

Police say his arrest record is nationwide, including arrests in Ohio and Florida.

 I don’t know….I think someone might have noticed after the 10th or 12th arrest….



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10 responses to “a shining moment in judicial efficiency

  1. wtf? 80?!… that is totally crazy.

  2. If they cut off his hands after the tenth conviction, legs after the twentieth and send him to death row after the fiftieth, that will not happen.

    Too cruel? How about doubling the penalty on second conviction, tripling it on the third, quadrupling on the fourth…


  3. i think the keystone kops and bareny fife could have done a better job here.

  4. So, um, is that what they refer to as a “career criminal” do ya spose?

  5. Our tax dollars are work.

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