qm – eat it

The Queen’s Meme #112 ~ The Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Meme

Welcome to The Queen’s Meme #112
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
Warning: This meme may make you hungry. It’s all about our favorite time of the day: mealtime.  Take a bite of this appetizing meme. Please pass the salt.

1. Breakfast literally means “breaking the fast” of the night. What is your favorite cereal?
Honey Bunches of Goats

2Brunch is typically eaten between breakfast and lunch. When is the last time you brunched?
I can no longer brunch.  My last surgery prevents it.

3. In the castle we call it luncheon. The prisoners downstairs in the dungeon call it horrible lunch. Do you eat lunch at the same time everyday? What is your favorite sandwich?
12:07:42 every day.
As for my favorite sandwich…

4. What is the difference between dinner and supper?
Very little.  Structurally, they have the same number of letters, end in ‘er’ and have a double consonant in the middle.

5.  What time do you generally “take tea” in your abode?
Curiously, right before i “take pee”…

6.  A “cuisine” is typically influenced by and named after geographical regions and cultures. Pretend your blog is a country. What is the name of your cuisine?

7. This is a good food display from the National Institute of Health and Human Services. What is the one healthy food item below that is lacking in your diet?
 the glass mason jar.  too crunchy for my palate.



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4 responses to “qm – eat it

  1. you know, i’d enjoy cadaverous cuisine more if it weren’t for that formaldehyde aftertaste.

  2. I almost missed “goats” and the Mason jar cracked me up. Only you.

  3. i try to be subtle yet obvious…

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