at war with google

this is one of those things that the more I investigate it the less sense it makes.

I, obviously, am a wordpress blogger.  Many good and fine folks blog using Blogger, as I once did.  There is a service available to Blogger bloggers (blogger squared???) that stops the internet morons who think it is a good idea to spam comments on blogs as a sales tool.  The service is called reCaptcha and forces commenters to type a sequence of letters in the reCaptcha box in order for the comment to get to the blog.

Over the past couple months I have been unable to leave comments with my Blogger friends as the reCaptcha verification never recognizes the letters I type, even when I’m 1000% they match.  Using an iMac with a Safari browser I tried using Firefox.  No soap.  I went to a Windows environment and tried using IE.  No such luck.  I’ve sent three trouble tickets to reCaptcha about this problem, yet it persists.

Today I tracked down the reCaptcha site and guess what…it’s owned by Google.  Well, wait a minute….Blogger is owned by Google.  So, two pieces of software owned by the same company only work for users of their software???  Doesn’t sound very socially enlightening to me, in this world of social connections.

So, my apologies to those of my Blogger blogger friends.  I’m really am reading your posts, but Google has more important things to do than make sure the software they offer actually works, like making cutesy logos for their home page.



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8 responses to “at war with google

  1. Do I have that on my blog? I don’t think I do.. i hate word verification. It just makes me mad.

    I had a wordpress blog and loved it. But then it seemed overly complicated… too many options. I am not a person who plays in HTML land, or CSS or whatever else there is. So it just made me mad that for a non-internety brained person you had to know so much or have a plain blog.

    Honestly, I like google. Sure it’s likely corrupt and I can see the issues you have with it. But I use blogger, gmail, picasa, google+, youtube and have google as my homepage. I can navigate it super easy – and on my tab things seem to work better on all of those things (probably because it’s on Android and it loves google too). Word press, facebook, and pintrest end up my frustration (similar to yours) and quite often I will read and not comment because of tempermental systems too.

  2. the new version of word veri is a massive pain in the ass even for me as a blogger person.

  3. I hate captcha!! I refuse to use it on my blog and also have been having trouble with other bloggers squared who have it on their blogs. I give up after 2 tries, sometimes even once if I’m already frustrated, mad, or just in a hurry.

  4. I hate the word captcha too! And before you say, ‘yes, but Mimi you have it on your blog…” let me tell you what has happened. Every single time I stop using it, even for a day, I am barraged with spam in my comment section. it is insane.
    My comments have dropped considerably as well from readers I used to hear from regularly. I wish they could get this fixed. It seems to be a simple problem given the enormous scope of influence and tools google seems to have available to them.

    Sorry. This is very frustrating.

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