print is dead

Now that the Oxford English Dictionary and Encyclopedia Brittanica will no longer be printed, I have a list of other works that I believe can be spared further use of the tree-choppers chainsaw:

The Twilight series – this should have been online all along as Cullen-ites are an exceptionally twittering and facebooky type. (except for all the thirty-something moms who swooned moistly over the glittery vamp.  for them we may have to keep a Cliff Notes version)

All Sandra Lee Cookbooks – I want to see her eat (and keep down) all her recipes and maintain that 0% body fat.  Good luck with that.

All Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly books – these make me consider fascism as a viable alternative.  especially the book-burning thang.  Which they both should appreciate.

Principles/Essentials of Economics textbooks – this must be stopped before other young minds are ruined.

Any book written by a politician of either party.  We have enough toilet paper, thanx.

Celebrity Biographies – Just stop.  Now.



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6 responses to “print is dead

  1. I just found my way over here and liked your list. Well, except for the Celebrity Bios ban. Can it wait until mine is a best seller, please?

  2. excellent list. i most heartily concur, particularly on the twilight and coulter/o’reilly items.

    between oed and now eb, i am in utter mourning.

  3. AMEN!!! I especially agree with those Twilight books. I don’t get what those 30/40-something women are fawning over. Theose guys are all young, skinny, and pasty. I like my men to look like MEN!!!

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