Pure (Pure, #1)Pure by Julianna Baggott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pure depicts a dystopian world where the survivors are an atomically fused steampunk culture clawing through a post-detonation existence under the shadow of The Dome, and while it’s hard to read this book, the first of a planned trilogy, and not think of The Hunger Games, Ms. Baggott’s prose is miles ahead of the latter work, keeping the reader glued to the story and its three-dimensional characters.  This should be the next young adult series to take hold…

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5 responses to “pure

  1. kewl. i’m reading hunger games right now at the request of my daughters. looking forward to that other book you recommended once i finish this. seems i have another to add to the list perhaps.

  2. I really like her writing, but I just finished Hunger Games so I may have to wait a while to read this so that I can get the Hunger Games out of my system. Thank you for the recommendation. I didn’t even know she was writing a dystopian novel.

    • I read Hunger Games about 4 months ago so something in between is probably a good idea. Will be eager to see when the next in the series goes. Thanx for stopping by.

      • I definitely need a break from that sort of novel. I gobbled them up in a weekend, so I think I may have over did it. I’m definitely adding Pure to my list though.

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