i’m okay…

Ahhh the spring weather is here and that means only one thing…

Cutting up the christmas tree.  This is an annual tradition started last year where I, vis me, cuts up the christmas tree that’s been lazing on the back patio to use for firewood.  That is the tree is used for firewood not the patio.


I had this insane idea for one specific reason…to keep me, vis I, from feeling guilty every January 15th or so when I toss the years yuletide greenery in the dumpster.  I always felt it was such a waste.  So now when the temperatures climb I don my plaid flannel and head out to the back, tree saw and branch clippers in hand (no chain saw for this idiot, um chopper).  Post-chop the Mrs. commented, “Feel like a lumberjack now?”.  She says this for a couple of reasons, the primary of which is the countless hours I have subjected her to all things Python over the past 30-plus years.  Thus…this post…



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13 responses to “i’m okay…

  1. Love your flannel shirt!
    I’ve always loved that Lumberjack song. =)

  2. so does that mean you also celebrated with buttered scones for tea?

  3. If you wear high heels, suspendies, and a bra, I don’t want to hear about it.


  4. Who can resist singing Mounties? Not I!

  5. Papa watched MP during my earliest years (came on PBS Sunday nights!), so my memories are sketchy (pun intended) but I catch the odd reference (and certainly grew up watching the films, as well!).

  6. Coop I saw this today and guess who I immediately thought of? Too much in here to be missed 🙂 enjoy!


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