qm – greenish

Welcome to the Queen’s Meme #113
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

All things considered after a very pleasant weekend in the castle, I thought I’d ask you about your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I missed them almost entirely! Did green rock your world? Did you drink green beer? Of course, these logical questions will not be in this meme. That would be boring.  This meme is totally frivolous and ridiculous. A hodgepodge of nothing serious.
 That’s why I like it.

1. How many green things are within your reach?
My pen

Green Giant’s peas (ho ho ho)
Eartha Kitt

2. Have you ever been green with envy?
No but I’ve been red with sunburn

3. Do you like split pea soup?
Only when vomited in a projectile fashion.  Preferably by Linda Blair.

4. Have you gone green?
No.  I bathe regularly.

5. Do green Leprechauns scare you?
Only if they jump out of the dustbin.

6.  What color was the Wicked Witch of The West’s face in the Wizard of Oz?
Before or after liquidation?

7. Tell us about your last experience with a frog…or a toad…or a prince. You pick.
My last experience with a prince was buying his really crappy cd that i used for skeet shooting.


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  1. ya know, i’ve been a prince fan since i was a teenager but yeah, the last cd i bought was a POS. i didn’t even consider the one released after that.

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