going postal

Going Postal (Discworld, #33)Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How can you not love a character named Moist? Pratchett’s twisted mind has created a protagonist that resembles Black Adder, if he were smart and suave and glib. Okay so maybe he’s less Black Adder and more Victor Lustwig…but in a nice way. Some of the usual Discworld landmarks and persona appear in this tale of mild redemption and cabbage gummed postage stamps.

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4 responses to “going postal

  1. I FINALLY found book one!!! I am half way through and love it!!

  2. I’ve never read a Pratchett book – but I will look into it now!!

    Fantastic blog!!

  3. Making Money was equally good, but then I have them all in Audible and most in book form also. I would have thought they were a bit British for American taste but clearly I am wrong. The early onset alzheimer’s he is suffering is a great shame.
    To my surprise I also like the books about the young witch that are perhaps more directed at younger readers; but then I read and enjoyed the Hunger Games, and now have all of the trilogy in Audible.

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