thanx to pure sophistry for posting this…



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6 responses to “swearing

  1. suddenly i feel so much better about having taught my kids just about every dirty word there is. mother of the fucking year, right here.

  2. ok, so not all incidences of their exposure to coarse language was part of intentional vocab building…..but i did have fun teaching my son slang terms for his own anatomy.

    • This was a missed opportunity as you had the chance to equate someone’s behavior to the term “douchebag”…..

      • ah well, he was only 8 and it seemed a bit much in the middle of the movie to go into the necessary lessons of female anatomy and hygiene practices in order to give the background.

        the real missed opportunity for calling out douchebaggery was when the pastor reprimanded me for using the word “sucked” because if i really knew what that meant i wouldn’t use it. uh, yeah, i know what it refers to….i should have added, “something your uptight, pedantic self isn’t likely to experience in this lifetime.”

      • one of your favorites I see….

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