facebook affair

A Facebook AffairA Facebook Affair by Tara Chevrestt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a neat little romance (not my favorite genre but what the heck). I love the way Tara structured the story, building the background on the protagonist through staggered flashbacks and there is a good twist at the end that smoothed a question that nagged at me through the second third of the book. There’s also some very hot sex here. This is a good curl-up-for-the-day-and-read book.

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4 responses to “facebook affair

  1. This IS my kind of book… I’ll have to look into it. This is the kind of one that I like to take to the pool and read between dips.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Wow…just found your comment in my Spam folder. How did THAT happen???? Tara is a Goodreads friend of mine and also publishes under the name Sonia Hightower (for the really racy stuff)

  2. This looks like something my MIL would read, bring camping, then Mark would pick up because it has the word facebook and affair in it – just to get the scoop on it (because he is onn-line averted) and then read the whole thing and proceed to ask me umpteen questions about FB, which would lead into a stupid fight.

    Sheesh coops – you are SUCH a troublemaker!

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