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14 responses to “amen

  1. Reblogged this on opinions expressed may be incorrect and commented:
    Fuck yeah, Jimmy. I mean Mr. President.

  2. Good job sir.. but may I remind that it took long enough.

  3. I am sooo glad you shared this. I may steal…is there a source?
    Oh dear Lord there is a live mouse on your page….maybe dead.
    I shall never return.

  4. A truly decent human being is correct. Too bad he cannot run again.
    BTW, I love the morphed beautiful women of the movies. THAT is when women looked like women and not stick figures, they had shapes. =)

  5. so very true. thanks.

  6. Good for Jimmy. Best damn ex-president we’ve ever had. And I disagree — Obama is a very decent man.

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