Guy will not be showing up here

Saturday consisted of a whirlwind tour of Central Pennsylvania as it was Susquehanna University’s (my alma mater) annual beer festival alumni soccer game.  This is where several old school chum(p)s get suited up and head out on the turf with the current soccer team to see how long they can last without the use of oxygen or defib paddles. This normally lasts about 30 minutes but the heavens opened up just as the game started so they were booted off the expensive new field.  There was nothing else to do but break out the coolers.

After several hours of regaling each other with lascivious memories of college days of yore, I took the opportunity to snoop around all the old haunts on campus and in the area as I lived in various places in Central PA after college.  As luck would have it, I ended up in Lewisburg (home of Bucknell University and the late Harold Steifel) around dinner time.  Now you can do the collegiate thing and go to the Bull Run Inn (Bucknell Bisons…thus the Bull Run) or any other downtown establishment, but for true locals, there is only one place to go.  It is a little shack that sits across the Susquehanna River from downtown and has been dishing out its famous fish sandwiches for as long as I can remember.  This is The Fence.

Now when you think drive-in, this is the epitome; the lot is always packed with cars and pickups and on a rainy day, such as Saturday, the folks sit in their cars

waiting for the gang of waitresses to come out, menus in hand.  90% of the people don’t need a menu.  They’ve been coming here long enough to have it memorized.  On good weather days it’s better to leave one’s vehicle and eat at the picnic benches lined along the river.

We’re not talking gourmet or fancy here, this is fish, chicken, fries, slaw and a coke (or one of their infamous milkshakes).  But the locals have been flocking here for decades, it’s an institution that is not to be missed.  And of course, I didn’t.  Brought back a lot of memories….



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5 responses to “Guy will not be showing up here

  1. sounds like it was a really great time. glad you had the opportunity and that such a place to give good food and evoke good memories still stands.

  2. Rip Ragged

    I have found, as I grow older, that there is only one thing better than finding people my age willing to help me distort and aggrandize the debaucheries of my youth. That is to have younger men in attendance who think we’re reminiscing rather than fabricating. They are always inspired and disappointed.

  3. This is where my son decided we should have his 16th birthday dinner. Yup, hiding inside during hail and a thunderstorm is quite a treat too.

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