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8 responses to “tragedy

  1. yep. and i am proud to say i don’t even own so much as a single tube of lipstick.

  2. It is such a horrible tragedy!
    Coming from someone who sells skin care – and NOT make-up.
    I take care of my skin and only wear moisturizer with sunscreen.
    When I do dress up for fancy occasions, I will wear mineral powder, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss.
    You are awesome!

  3. AliceScythe

    Don’t 100% agree with this. I don’t wear makeup more then I wear it. However I adore makeup. I enjoy the color and art that goes into it. I have been into art and being an artist for years myself. So maybe it’s just different for me. Not all women who wear makeup are broken people.

    • That’s fair. My objection is the incessant push from the media and manufacturers implicating the feeling in the picture – the fact that it’s a necessity and unless you use it you are less than. Everyone is free to choose…

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