the envelope please….

The Stay At Home Philosopher has nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  Let’s think about that.  Me.  The role model of sunny dispositions and optimism???  Sometimes I make Gordon Ramsey look like Mr. Rogers.

In any case, I am grateful for this (dubious) honor and will foist it upon other deserving members of the bolgommuunity.

Here are the Instructions:

First, if you don’t like to read instructions, your IKEA furniture probably won’t last very long.

Second, if you don’t go to visit Turber  none of this will not make any sense to you but you still risk going to Hell.

  • Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog
  • Answer 1o questions about yourself or risk breaking the chain of sunshine (this includes the threat of Hell, bad luck for seven years, and a life devoid of pizza and mac&cheese).
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers and then leave them to fend for themselves
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you
Here are the 10 questions you’ll have to answer or you may go to Hell: 
  1. My favourite color: Cerulean
  2. My favourite animal: Tiger
  3. My favourite number: 86534865.34689245
  4. My favourite drink: Pine-Sol
  5. Facebook or Twitter: I take meds to keep them at bay.
  6. My passion: we’re certainly not going to talk about that here
  7. Prefer giving or getting presents: Giving…and we’ll leave it at that thank you very much.
  8. My favorite pattern:  conelrad
  9. My favorite day of the week:  upper GI series day
  10. My favorite flower: unbleached

10 bloggers who might go to hell if they don’t follow the instructions are:

EmJayandThem (like she needs another one)
Go Guilty Pleasures (even if didn’t get any Pop-tarts)


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23 responses to “the envelope please….

  1. Congratulations — Great answers, Coops (that’s what I call my dog, Cooper, does it work for you?)

    And thanks so much for the nod…and for the other blogs I am not already following. God forbid I should actually do some work ….

  2. I’ll thank you for the mention even if I didn’t go read the background on this “award.” I’m already told I’m going to Hell, don’t believe in luck and am Celiac, so pizza and mac’s out anyway.

    I *did* read YOUR answers and they’re good–too good. I’m frightened out of writing my own. Would you like to do?

  3. Awe, thanks coops 🙂 I still don’t think the award makes sense… but it appeals to my need for validation.

    Since I won’t post on to 10 other people (I think I only read 5 or so now…) I’ll end up in Nirvana and simply answer the Q’s you have given.

    Here are the 10 questions you’ll have to answer or you may go to Hell:
    1.My favourite color: Black. Don’t argue with me.
    2.My favourite animal: Cats to be owned by, Cows for food, Fish to look at.
    3.My favourite number: an one in my credit line.
    4.My favourite drink: wine. definately wine.
    5.Facebook or Twitter: FB I guess. I’d rather neither… *sigh*….
    6.My passion: uncertain. passionless at the moment.
    7.Prefer giving or getting presents: depends. with the kids, giving. anyone in the adult range is usually a pain to give anything too. So i’d rather get.
    8.My favorite pattern: sleep-dream-write.
    9.My favorite day of the week: Friday.
    10.My favorite flower: fake.

  4. wordpress ate my comment. I HOPE YOU LOVED IT WORDPRESS! all my awesomeness in tha bite – YAY FOR YOU! grr!

  5. I’ll need to go away now… breathe… thanks for the award though 😀

  6. Congrats, Cooper! thanks for passing it along to me–I could use some sunshine, it’s been raining nonstop here for weeks and I’m slowly going crazy. Loved your answers and I am really surprised you and I share the same favorite number.

  7. Congratulations, Mr. Sunshine! Ha! I actually read this post earlier today when I shouldn’t have been reading blogs (shhh), and your answers killed me! Especially #10!

    Thanks very much for passing this on! But I must admit, being part of your Kewl Krew is even more of an honor!

  8. I sure loved your answers…. especially .. well … all of them! I’ve been given this award before and wrote about it .. but forgot to upload the image to my footer. Oops.

    Will you teach me how to add the cool animated pics you have?
    If you will, I’ll do this one again! Cheers! MJ

  9. Me? An award? I’ll keep my speech brief since I’m pretty sure WordPress will eat it anyway.

  10. all i can say is it’s a good thing i like you and this isn’t some version of that infernal “tell us x number of random facts about yourself that no one else knows” because if i get tagged with that once more i’m going to need a blood test from the tagger and a stick with which to bludgeon them.

    but as i said, i like you…you’re twisted like i am….so i’ll play nice

  11. You bring sunshine to my life, so I can see why you received this award and I am so honored to be one of your 10 chosen to go to hell with you.
    I am however with xmichra, I have passed this “award” on to 10 other bloggers before, so I won’t be doing it again, but I will answer the 10 question (with far less humor than you, because I’m not that good):
    1. My favourite color: Black – Me, too, so no argument here about it being the absense of all color (who ARE those people anyway?)
    2. My favourite animal: You just need to peek at my bog for that one: DOGGIES!
    3. My favourite number: 47 – it was the number my dad always used whenever he was exaggerating.
    4. My favourite drink: non-alcoholic – WATER; alcoholic – vodka on the rocks
    5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook for sure, check out my doggies on there. =)
    6. My passion: Photographing my doggies. TeeHee
    7.Prefer giving or getting presents: I’ll admit it, I LOVE to get presents!!
    8. My favorite pattern: black and white houndstooth (that’s a doggie pattern)
    9. My favorite day of the week: every day (hubs is retired and I’m disabled, some days we don’t even KNOW what day of the week it IS.)
    10. My favorite flower: dark red rose – totally classic. =)

    Have a great week everyone! HUGGLES!

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