happy mother’s day

Me and Mom on the beach on Long Island. This had to be summer of 1957. What a fat faced little nipper I was….

My wedding dance with the mother of the groom. My wonderful expression was due to a headache that was leaking out of my eyes…Mom looked good, tho.

She loved reading to the grandkids…and they dug it just as much

The family at christmas including step-dad Bill ands Mom’s Mom – Nana Carlson (this was my other Nana – not the one from the previous post about toilets)

This is one of my favorite pictures. At Mom’s favorite place with Granddaughter Beth in her lap.

You’ve been gone for a while now, but I think of you every day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.



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16 responses to “happy mother’s day

  1. Looks like your mother was truly motherly. That had to be fabulous. Then again, appearances are deceiving but she really does look like a doll!

    • was she a saint? No…throw the influence of my Dad in the mix and things get strange. But we had some good times and toward the end of her life I was able to put everything on the table, which brought us close.

  2. Beautiful post, Cooper. Tears in my eyes (which is why I couldn’t write a post about my (late) mom. Thanks for kind of doing it for me!

  3. oh my goodness, that first picture is so stinking cute i can’t stand it. i can see why you love the one of your mom and daughter at the beach. that really is a sweet shot. thanks for sharing. these are lovely.

  4. My family was so amazingly sweet and good to me today that I haven’t had much time to sit around getting teary but today and the last two Mother’s Days have been a bittersweet sort of occasion for me.

    Love the pictures at the beach— one of the best places in the world.

  5. I hope that when I go, Kira & Bella have this fond memory of me. I know that’s pretty morbid… but posts like this remind me of how I ought to be with them, so I am doing well by them.

    Lovely post coops.

  6. What a beautiful post.
    Such a great tribute to your mother…
    Hope your wife had a lovely Mother’s Day.

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  8. Glad you redid this one, Cooper. May she have a happy Mother’s Day — maybe she’s spending it with mine!

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