rip Richard Dawson



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9 responses to “rip Richard Dawson

  1. I’m glad you posted that photo… I loved him in Hogan’s Heroes.
    He was so handsome then.
    Prayers for his family who, according to what I read, seemed to adore him.

    • that was one of my favorite shows and he was great as Newkirk. Also loved him on Match Game (Family Feud I can take or leave). He made many folks smile…

  2. Sad. I loved Hogans Heros, too. Rip Richard.

  3. Absolutely loved him on the Match Game as a kid but honestly, I thought he’d already died. ::cringes::

  4. OK,
    I had to google him.
    This is what comes of having a very limited awareness of popular culture.
    Was he the game show guy in The Running Man?

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