qm – word up

Welcome to The Queen’s Meme 
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

She commands:  Trends can be enlightening or they can be annoying. Most of these are the latter. I looked in the infamous Urban Dictionary to find the newest lame terms in the blogosphere and world in general. Here’s what I discovered.
 I hope these don’t eventually end up in Webster’s one day. Of course, I’m soooo glad the word “blogging” finally did!

The New Word meme

1. What is planking?
What happens to salmon when they misbehave.

2. What does the word “smosh” mean to you?
People with hairlips at heavy metal concerts (yes, I’m still going to hell)

3. What is daddy soda?
Can we really talk about THAT here??????

4. Do you know any Facebook philosophers?
Yes. I just go to the library and look under the “I Have No Life” section.

5. Do you ever call people “dude” or “bro?
Only when re-enacting scenes from Shaft or Good Times.

6. Have you ever had post traumatic test syndrome
Only when testing a faulty penis erectile dysfunction pump…

7. What are sleeping terms
That no sleeping occurs until all parties are smiling.  And sweaty.



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5 responses to “qm – word up

  1. Okay. Facebook philsophers? I want to know more, but I so don’t want to know more.

  2. certainly can’t top #7 there!

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