what’s new?

not much.  My text posts have been few lately because I feel like I’ve said everything I need to say.  I’ve been blogging far too long (2004? 2005?) and I can’t imagine that I have any more rattling around in my skull that I haven’t already transferred to a blog post.  Well, there are a few things but, trust me, those are better left un-expressed.  I guess my life has become so routine and dull that what occurs on a daily basis is of little interest to anybody, or so I imagine.  Maybe if I just reblog other people’s posts at random…that way I can live vicariously through other’s lives.

My blog muse is in absentia. Even prattling on about the insanity of the world around us seems repetitive…and my ranting certainly has not changed things.  Maybe that’s a good thing now that I think about it.

And now for something completely the same….Monday.



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7 responses to “what’s new?

  1. the good news is you don’t have to buy other people’s pictures. you can photoshop old pictures of yourself with things you steal off the internet. woohoo! that’s progress!

  2. We all feel this way. I’d wager you have much more to say. Blog on.

  3. You’ve got plenty more to say, trust me…. this election has just begun and people keep dying.
    Not to mention, you’ve got tons of music to share with us.
    Write on, my friend! =)

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