speak no f*$%ing evil

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At best, Massachusetts is a conflicted state.  It just cannot seem to make up its mind where it belongs on the political spectrum.  On the one hand it is unflinchingly liberal, boasting natives such as the Kennedy’s, the celebs hanging out on the Vineyard and, of course, the  fabulous residents of Provincetown.  This is amazing considering the state is home to the most infamous witch trials ever, and now Middleborough Mass has joined the fascist fray with its very own anti-swearing law.  You can be fined $20 for the things you say publicly.  While the constitutionality of this is still being considered, imagine what the next moves would be?  On the plus side, the Police can now hand out $20 tickets to rampaging hate groups like the KKK.  That will surely slow them down.  And why stop at swearing?  How about summonses for folks who say anything deemed to be radically moronic.  Why, the federal budget alone would be balanced in a flash just from the never-ending stream of tickets issued in washington d.c. and most state capitols across the country.  Not to mention the revenue stream that would arise from many school districts.

On the down side, of course, is that I’m sure religious institutions would remain exempt from any such laws and could continue to fan the flames of ignorance, fear and hatred.  Tickets to rock concerts and stand-up comedy clubs would have to enforce at $20 surcharge per ticket to cover the cost slapped on the owners by the speak-police.



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7 responses to “speak no f*$%ing evil

  1. What the fuck? I would be forced into foreclosure just by reading the newspaper.

  2. was it michigan where the state assembly banned the use of the word vagina? between michigan and massachussetts things are getting positively orwellian. fucking assholes need to get a damned clue before they run us all to hell. the shitheads. (is it $20 a word?)

  3. Fuck me. I ain’t going.

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