stupidity on the march – part 247

If you have not heard about this, you probably will.  It seems a lifeguard in florida was fired after saving a drowning man.  The lifeguard was alerted that a man was having trouble in the water outside of the area the lifeguard company – Jeff Ellis and Associates –  was liable to protect, so the guard broke “a company policy” to go save the man’s life. Once the man was whisked off to the hospital, the guard filed a report, as they have to do, and was immediately dismissed.  The company claims it was a liability issue.  So here, once again, we have lawyers and insurance companies dictating, not only company policy, but – literally – who should live and who should die.  Thank god the lifeguard used his BRAIN and COMMON SENSE rather than listening to his management morons.  A college kid in a minimum wage job acting with more brains and courage than the overpaid idiots he works worked for…



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4 responses to “stupidity on the march – part 247

  1. can we send these asinine policy makers and lawyers into a riptide on a beach with no lifeguards at all….maybe toss in a shark too?

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