have i got a deal for you…

It’s time to rummage through the old (old in the sense of aged, not in the sense of “good ole’ boy) photo drawer again.  This started out as an evening’s browse through my grandfather’s old photo albums, having decimated his boxes of slides which you’ve seen in previous posts.  Or maybe you haven’t.  Let us set the wayback machine for a small hop-skip away to 1978. or 9. to visit one of the many many many minor floods that seem to bloom in central Pennsylvania with the frequency of annoying Progressive insurance commercials.

Here we have a lovely parcel of land complete with swimming facilities and a ferris wheel suitable for dogs or small infants.


As an added bonus, your new property comes with its own easy access Marina.  Forget those pesky boat ramps.  Just unhook it from the 4×4 and speed away.

We do have to remind you that for everyone’s safety and enjoyment…



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2 responses to “have i got a deal for you…

  1. i dunno but after floods like that i tend to want to drink heavily.

  2. I believe they meant alcoholic beverages were REQUIRED.

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