i hear them laughing…

All appearances of subtlety have faded away.  No more sneaking up in small steps, no more slight degrees of inflicted pain.  All that is gone.  Gas prices jumped ten cents overnight.  Ten cents.  I want some oil company flunkee to show me how their production costs jumped, overnight, to such a degree that a ten-cent increase in the final product is justified.  That person will have a tough time convincing me that it’s not based solely on keeping their obscene profit percentage afloat.  I understand the whole gas futures thing, and even though I think that is bogus as well, this goes beyond that.  I hear them laughing all the way to their chauffeur driven, company subsidized Hummers.



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4 responses to “i hear them laughing…

  1. no one will ever convince me it’s anything more than just flat out greed and fleecing the public.

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