nothing better comes to mind

so let’s drag out the search stats for the month to see what interesting items have brought people to my door…

Search Views
rebecca romijn stamos 29
linda blair 18
rebecca romijn-stamos 17
colon blow 15
rebecca romijn 15
print is dead 9
gumby monty python 8
pillsbury dough boy 7
chicken basket 7
impolite questions 7

I posted one picture of rebecca romijn-stamos…a long time ago…and she still rules my searches.  Nothing unusual (or funny) in the top ten but looking further I see…

double seat briefs   – last year’s christmas posts….chilling that people are looking for this item

two mens have  – this one mystifies me

rhonda byrne  – had to google this to remember who she was

elvis presley wedding pictures and pic of the wedding ring  – now i’ve never posted anything, that I remember about elvis.  i don’t even like elvis.

dolphin mines  – I have to say I know what this is about…

alabama k  – huh???

does kate middleton shave  – and why would anyone care?

exposed thong – isn’t that the point of a thong?  to expose that which normally is not exposed???

satan rock  – kewl

proud of my bicycle  – glad to hear it

condom bowl  – this intrigues me….

things my wife would never do in bed  – i would only post a comment like this if I was tired of living.  or had just plain lost my mind since the mrs. visits from time to time

pig latin sex  – this is perpetually on the search term list.  I have no idea why

you know i’m a drummer meme  – don’t remember this

detention classes  – don’t want to remember this

mama that´s all right  – ??

i can’t live without you sorry i can  – ?????

i don’t know what day it is  – i know how that feels

romney dumbass  – i’m kinda proud of this one…

pants around knees said no one ever meme  – i don’t remember this meme at all and i’m not even sure what the whole term taken together really means

“bound naked sushi  – this REALLY intrigues me…

basket bicycle in park  – got me….

duct tape and pancakes grimy  – ummmm…yeah. okay. sure

ziplining boston terrier  – I’d like to see that actually…



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5 responses to “nothing better comes to mind

  1. only 8 people out on the interwebz got here by searching gumby monty python? what is the world coming to????

    pig latin sex? i am mystified.
    aeh-yay,’s-thay ow-hay i ike-lay it
    waaaaay too many syllables

  2. I never get search terms on mt cos while it’s public, I hide it from indexes…realmeWP is wide open and I get searches but they’re always normal (so far).

  3. Andrea

    I have thousands of visitors to my blog simply because I had a BIG picture of a smiley sun on my page and used the tag “sunshine”…oh how they must have laughed when they were taken to my blog!

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