spark of Henry VIII

I have not mentioned this before but over the past year I have become a rabid Jeff Dunham fan.  I mean rabid to the point where the family forbids me to touch the Roku remote to bring Netflix to life, or banishes me to the computer to watch YouTube clips. Now, I am of the mind when someone provides me much enjoyment for free I need to take the action to support the artists effort. I have bought books after borrowing them from the library just as a show of support.  I figure Dunham has made me laugh enough in the past year that he was due some consideration.  So I purchased his latest DVD, Controlled Chaos and a previous Comedy Central special, Spark of Insanity from Amazon.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the following…

and inside was the following…

and, no, it was not just a label switch.  It was The Other Boleyn Girl.  I’m trying to fathom how that could happen.  I could see if it was a different Dunham special, or possibly some other stand up comic, but historical drama?  Do the runs at the packaging plant really come that close together?  Strange….



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10 responses to “spark of Henry VIII

  1. As a huge Jeff-fa-fa fan myself, I think I am qualified to say that you will just LOVE the Other Boleyn Girl. It is a beautiful, brilliantly filmed, acted, etc. movie with Scarlett Johannsen and Natalie Portman (her best performance in my mind).

    It isn’t quite as funny as Peanut, though.

  2. You’ve been awarded and tagged by The Queen of Memes

  3. oh man, reminds me of when i was a kid buying what i thought was an andy gibb album only to open it up and find ronny milsap. i was less than happy. (please don’t hate me)

  4. LOVE Jeff Dunham as well!! My friend Chris introduced me to peanut many many years ago (maybe 15 or so) and we used to always pitch “HEY MIKEY?! NNEERROOO (swoosh hand over ehad)” when people were lost in conversation. It was our thing. Then Jeff became famous and our joke isn’t as secret anymore. But now we are all with Achmed, so it’s not so bad 🙂

    The other Boleyn girl for me was a total let down after reading the book. I loved the book, and the movie was nowhere near as good and I love the two actresses in it. I think that’s why I felt it was so bad… because I expect a lot from both Scarlet and Natalie, and the book was totally on fire it was so scandalous. It just wasn’t the same. But don’t share this movie with the girl on the contrary.. she hates fabricated history! lol…

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