cuz mimi said so….

It’s be awhile since I’ve done the 11 scintillating facts about myself so let’s see what other lies facts I can dredge up and print without incurring the wrath of some prosecuting attorney…

the questions her royalnessness has posed to me (and others)

1. What is the nearest book to you? Your Kindle does not count.
The Cliff Notes version of The Kama Sutra

2.  When is the last time you took a “me” vacation?
I cannot recall ever going on vacation with you…

3. How many telephone numbers do you have?
seven.  unless you are calling long distance then it’s 10 not including the 1…or the 9 if calling from your office…or the 011 if calling from, say Kuala Lampoor.

4. If you could fix one thing in the public school system, what is the one thing you would do immediately?
animal sacrifices.  get the kids really ready for corporate america

5. Are you a big tipper?
I try not to give advice…

6. Do you watch any Reality shows?
There is a new one that has caught my attention…The MTV/Monsanto Public Execution Hour, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Snooki.

7. Who is your favorite sports team player?
Ashlyn Gere

8. If you could travel in a spaceship to any planet, which planet would you like to visit and why?
The She-Wolf Amazons of Planet Moist in the Orgasmic Galaxy… (seems to be a running theme here Cooper…get over it already)

9. When is the last time you sat in a church?
and did what?

10. Are there any aspects of blogging that annoy you?
There are only 24 hours in a day…

11. When someone follows you on their blog or subscribes to your Facebook page, do you automatically follow and subscribe back?
Not necessarily.  They have to pass the patented three-step Coopernicus Gatekeeper test by answering three questions: 1) What is your favorite color?  2) What is your favorite cake? 3) What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “hopscotch, twister, wesson oil”?

I’m supposed to come up with 11 more questions and tag 11 folks.  Tell you what, you want to take a whack at these?  Be my guest…

1. Name five non-clothing items you might wear next to your skin while attending a Bar Mitzvah.
2. Who is your favorite proctologist…and why?
3. They are going to name a breakfast cereal after your feet.  What will it be called?
4. Given the choice between spontaneous combustion and a weekend with Michelle Bachman, which would you choose?
5. What is your favorite tile grout?
6. It’s a new law…you have to get a tattoo of a celeb’s face.  Who is it and where are they going?
7. What is your favorite moldy fruit?
8. What language do you find most unpleasant?
9. When was the last time you cried gagged?
10. What is your favorite dental instrument?
11. Have you ever…you know…you know…with a head of cauliflower?  or spinach?



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6 responses to “cuz mimi said so….

  1. Great answers, hilarious questions… Late Sunday night …

  2. wow! i’m glad i didn’t have to answer your 3 tough questions to get linked as a buddy blog. all i had to do was use the word “hork” and reference monty python. but hey, i wouldn’t be sad if a red velvet cake with fresh berries were to find a home with me.

  3. All hilarious. I’ve been searching for the Cliff Notes version of the Kama Sutra but it didn’t have near enough pictures.

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