a kin to stupidity

So, Republican Senate Candidate Toad Todd Akin has apologized for his remark about “legitimate rape” by saying he meant to say forcible rape.

So from this we can conclude:

Mr. Akin believes there is a specific type of rape called “forcible”.  Therefore he must believe that non-forcible rape must also exist.  So if someone isn’t raped by force they must be raped by….choice???

Please please please….vote in November…..



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10 responses to “a kin to stupidity

  1. You convinced me Cooper. 😉

  2. yeah, aside from the horrifying lack of understanding about basic biology (oooh, when did i evolve a magic contraceptive uterus?) i am repulsed by the term “legitimate rape.” dear god, listen to those words. it sounds like some nightmarish excuse for a defense. “oh, he’s innocent, it was a legitimate rape.” was there ever a more horrendous oxymoron????

    • a magic contraceptive uterus, eh? maybe in the next J.K. Rowling series – featuring Ron & Hermione’s kids of the first series – Rose Weasley & The Magic Contraceptive Uterus. I see another blockbuster in the making….

  3. I had a comment, then laughed too hard at your response to lime..lol… pish-posh!

  4. What are we voting for again? Is the difference between forcible rape and legitimate rape going to be on the ballot? I’m confused about the definition of forcible rape. If it wasn’t forcible, it would just be regular sex, right?

  5. Biology is clearly the man does not even begin to grasp, what an asshat.
    how wicked is it that I would almost like for some man to get the esteemed legislator loopy on drugs, have his way with the orifice Akin usually keeps his head in, and then wake him up for a nice chat about the “legitimacy” of forcible vs. non-forcible rape. If that joke makes it into office… I may take up a collection.

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