a little perspective here

To quote the latest Taxpayers for Common Sense mailing:

The Republican National Convention starts next week and the Democratic National Convention follows shortly after. There will be a lot of red meat at these conventions, and not just at the steakhouses in Tampa and Charlotte. No, we will see a lot of pandering to the conservative and liberal bases, a bunch of lofty rhetoric, numerous false accusations, and plenty of mugging for the camera. What we won’t see discussed is much in the way of the important, politically-tough solutions that are necessary for the country to move away from the fast approaching fiscal chasm.

At each of the conventions, in addition to plenty of partying, there will be a lot of time spent building up each party’s candidate while tearing the other guy down. There will be a lot of rhetoric about how this party will protect Medicare and Social Security while the other party will eviscerate it – and vice versa. About how one candidate has the solution to the economic woes facing our country while the other guy would take us back to the Stone Age.

What was more interesting about this mailing was a link to what TCS feels are trillions in viable spending cuts the government should address.  I’m not including this as an across-the-board endorsement of this compendium, but the real value in looking at this is the realization one gets just scanning the list of how OUR tax money is really spent.  I didn’t have to read the whole thing to become overwhelmed with the amount of crap I’m paying for…particularly those things that subsidize major corporations (Coke, McDonald’s, Exxon, etc) that are “mature enough to stand on their own” without my, literal, two cents.  Okay.  Maybe five dollars.



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7 responses to “a little perspective here

  1. quite instructive. i agree about the corporations you mention. a lot is eye-opening here but i am kind of stunned by the way timber, oil, and mining rights are given away on federal lands with no compensation.

    and the congressional pensions. kind of infuriating.

  2. just a thank you for all their stunning public service….

  3. I’ve always thought that every vote to repeal “Obamacare” should be linked to a revocation of the Congressman/woman’s lifelong healthcare plan paid for by the government …

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